In our previous blog, Blast from the past, that little checklist after the holidays, Bosman plumbing jumped back to one of our first blogs for 2021, in our Exploring Home Resolutions series. We hit the ground running, completed our annual water and sanitation fixtures checklist with a gold star, and we’re all set for our journey, excited and expectant of what 2022 will hold.
For March, we will be exploring the “what If’s”, expanding our knowledge or the interworking of our home’s water and sanitation fixtures.
Education is key. There is no need to fumble about in the dark when disaster hits.
As per World Health Organization: “water is essential for life, health, and human dignity. In extreme emergencies, there may not be sufficient water available to meet basic needs and in these cases, supplying a minimum level of safe drinking water for survival is of critical importance. Insufficient water and the consumption of contaminated water are usually the first and main causes of ill health to affect displaced populations during and after a disaster.”
We have all asked that nagging question, how much water should be stored for emergencies?
The priority of water should be calculated for each family, bearing in mind their cultural beliefs, composition, and basic needs. One family might need more than others, as young children and women might need a more significant amount. Don’t forget the furkids, as they would need access to clean drinking water as well.
Bosman Plumbing recommends 10 -15L per person/ per day, including water for drinking, cooking and basic sanitation. It’s important to remember not to store more than you would be able to use, as even bottled water would have an expiration date, and unfiltered/unprocessed water could carry water-borne diseases. The best way to avoid spoilage is to store filtered/processed water in a cool dark space and rotate and use it during the year. Alternatively, a small amount of drinking water can be kept aside, and other water filtration devices can be used to treat water.
Bosman Plumbing has the tools and expertise to help you with all your emergency needs. Please speak to one of our consultants today to equip your home for all your emergency water needs.
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