In our previous blog, Your journey is our journey, we introduced Bosman’s new concept blog for 2022. With the year being all bright and shiny, lest not forget our lessons from 2021 and what our helping hand Bosman Plumbing have taught us. Have you completed your annual water and sanitation fixtures check yet? If you’re a first-timer, why not consider an onsite inspection?
Here’s a reminder of our shot checklist for ease of use; pop a copy in your yearly planner. A short walkthrough and a quick assessment. That’s all you need for peace of mind that you are set up for the best 2022 journey.
Geysers – know your Manufacturer Code, Serial, and size. Check support brackets, geyser blankets and drip trays. Stay awhile and admire the local wildlife. As always, don’t feed the roof pets!
Bath, mixers, and drains – Check seals and waterproofing. Check wet spots. Make sure mixers function correctly; we do not like our gland nuts leaking.
Sanitaryware age and function – broken, chipped and stained fixtures age your home and reduce your investment in it. Make a note of future fixtures needing repair or replacement.
With your checklist done, have a cold beverage and pat yourself on the back.
A gold star to those that have already completed their checklist. Watch out for more “blasts for the past” blogs, as we will periodically share check-in and check off lists for Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer in our new blogs for 2022.
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