With a prepaid water system consumers can monitor usage, load credit remotely, and lessen the risk of receiving a surprise bill because of leaks or inaccurate monitoring.


You can restrict the flow of water to certain areas by using a pre-paid water meter. This makes it easier for municipalities and property owners to manage and avoid water waste at specific outputs.


A prepaid water meter installation is also very useful for helping you save water during times of water restriction, by letting you know exactly how much you’re using or even limiting water at certain hours of the day.


In South Africa, water meters are usually located on the pavement outside of the ERF of the property. However, for sectional titles these will usually be located in a designated service area or common storage room.


While there are many different types of water meter, they all work using the same basic components.


These components are the Sensor, Transducer, Counter, and Indicator.

  • The sensor detects the flow passing through.
  • The transducer sends the signal from the sensor to the counter.
  • The counter keeps track of the flow that’s passed through the meter.
  • The indicator displays the counter information for reading by a person.


Each type of water meter has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some water meters are best suited to free standing houses, some are better for sectional titles, and some are best for agriculture or industry.


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