If you have purchased a new washing machine or are moving to a new house, the qualified plumbers at Bosman Plumbing can assist with your washing machine installation.

Installing a washing machine is not always an easy task; it can depend on the design of the space where the washing machine will be installed and the appliance make and model. There may be challenges with the distance to the taps, drains, and even attaching the correct hose fittings and it is possible that new taps or connecting points will need to be installed.

Professional plumbers are trained to manage your washing machine installation and complete the task quickly and safely, leaving you with confidence that your washing machine has been correctly fitted the first time and will not leave you with any incorrect installation issues in the future.

What a Professional Plumber can offer for your Washing Machine installation:

  • Check the electrical and plumbing connections.
  • Before installing the appliance, check to make sure the washing machine is in good functioning condition.
  • Unhook any existing equipment for you.
  • Connect the appliance to the electrical outlet and the water supply.
  • Attach to the proper drain and ensure that wastewater is sent to the right location.
  • Check and test for leaks.


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