In our previous blogs, “Summer busybodies and Christmas pudding,” we ran the final checklist race for the year and checked and rechecked the gutters for Santa.
With all the holiday cooking and fuss around the braai, we often discard undesirables into our kitchen sink that can harm your plumbing, causing untold disasters and emergency call outs.
Always avoid disposing of the big 3, pouring fats, oils, and grease; these can solidify in a matter of minutes and, once solid, becomes a barrier for other food particles that make their way down your kitchen sink. Food Scraps collect in these solid masses, slowing your sink’s drainage and untimely, it might stop draining entirely.
An excellent way to dispose of these three fatties is waiting for them to cool and solidify and discard them into your bin. Another way would be to use non-recyclable biodegradable bags or bottles to store and discard as per usual.
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