In our previous blogs, “Smoke pipes or smoke signals,” we discussed emergency call outs and the need for regular system checks. As the year rolls into its final few weeks and we dream of Christmas puddings and drinks by the pool or that seaside holiday, we run around like that dreaded Friday chicken busying ourselves with all the last few odds and ends before the season’s holidays. And during this time, Bosman Plumbing is your ever-present handy helper with another final checklist for the summer.
Whether you are going away or staying home these holidays, a few must check items for the summer holidays.
Hoses and Sprinklers – Take a little breather and a walk around your garden. As summer peaks, we tend to increase our water consumption outdoors, whether that includes watering the lawn, veggie patch or adding a little water to the pool, it’s always important to check fittings and plumbing connections, make sure everything is running well. Regular checks will reduce costs and repairs in the long term.
Clean Gutters – Same story, new jingle. You know the drill, summer rains happen, and it’s always a good idea to clean out gutters, downspouts, and water catchment filters. Think of it as a game, Santa will be landing on the roof, and we want it nice and tidy up there, or else we will get coal for Christmas.
Water Heater and temperature checks: If you have not done so yet, go ahead and adjust the temperature on your water heater. Summer days are on the horizon, and cooler showers are on the cards. If you are heading away on holiday, go ahead and cut power to that heater for the days you are away.
Filters: If you are staying home, go ahead and check the filters on taps and pipes; with the summer heat, additional bacterial and mould growth can occur in moist warm areas. It’s an excellent time to clean showerheads and external drinking water filter sprouts as well. Lastly, check on the pool, the braai, and the fridge, and with that, you are finally ready for that cool drink and splash in the pool this summer.
Whether the reason behind your emergency is apparent or not, Bosman Plumbing will be available to assist as industry experts with over 25 years of experience. Bosman Plumbing is there to assist our clients with guidance, value-added resources and extraordinary service.
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