In our previous blogs, Repetition and a good old diary entry,” we discussed the importance of a full-service drain cleaning on an annual basis. Out of sight plumbing systems might be the last thing on your mind, and most people don’t anticipate plumbing problems. We wash our hands, flush the toilet, and take a bath, and whilst running the water, we absentmindedly miss the tell-tale smoke signals that you might be having an emergency call to the plumber soon.
Unfortunately, we don’t all speak of sewer pipes and toilet clogs. We included our very own Bosman Plumbing translation list below.
  • 1. Gurgling sounds with no baby in sight – a possible blockage in your sewer line/toilet or washing machine outlets. Schedule a drain service before the problem develops and becomes backed up.
  • 2. The toilet that keeps clogging – time for a scavenger hunt. We see a foreign object in your future, most probably lodged itself in the drainpipe.
  • 3. Shower or sink that won’t drain – if you can’t clear a stopped-up sink or shower with your tool kit, best to get it looked at by a professional.
  • 4. The sound of running/ dripping water when no water is being used – the high probability that you could have a leak. An expert leak detection might be needed as an active leak can become a costly problem.
  • 5. Sewage odour – when a bad smell appears from no apparent source, it could indicate a break in your sewer system. Call a professional if the scent cannot be explained or identified from a non-sewer related issue.
  • 6. Low water pressure – ongoing lack of water flow can be due to a clogged aerator that can be cleaned once unscrewed from the faucet and soaked in a simple vinegar to remove the mineral deposits left behind. If low pressure persists, it’s best to have the system pressure tested and possibly upgraded.
  • 7. No hot water – if it’s sudden, like a hot shower turning frosty in the middle of a shower, a repair or replacement will be needed, unless it’s from load-shedding – then we suggest waiting a bit until things are warmed up a bit.
  • 8. Leaking hoses, fixtures and dripping faucets – if you cannot DIY it, or your DIY is just not cutting it, it’s time to call that trusty plumber.
Whether the reason behind your emergency is apparent or not, Bosman Plumbing will be available to assist as industry experts with over 25 years of experience. Bosman Plumbing is there to assist our clients with guidance, value-added resources and extraordinary service.
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