Is your Geyser ready for winter?

Is your Geyser ready for winter?

Your hot water plumbing system will experience more than its fair share of wear and tear during the colder months. Geysers work much harder to warm water in the winter due to the lower temperatures and the increase in demand for hot water.
The importance of Geyser Maintenance
 Without proper maintenance leading up to winter, it is very common for drains, pipes and geysers to experience problems or need to be replaced or repaired when the temperatures start to drop.
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Bosman Plumbing can help to keep your hot water flowing and your Geyser in tip-top shape with regular geyser maintenance, geyser insulation, geyser repairs and geyser replacements.
At Bosman Plumbing, all of our service teams operate with the best quality tools, equipment and excellent support to ensure your problem is dealt with swiftly and efficiently. Get in touch with us to make sure your Geyser is ready for winter.


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