In our previous blog, “Do-Re-Mi-Fall of leaves”, Bosman plumbing ventured into the vortex of falling leaves and the crisp morning air, checking pipes, gutters, and outlaying storm drain that clog our homes, and helped assess our current drainage system.
With regular compliance, self-checks and assistance of our local plumber system should be in tip-top shape. Although it’s still dry out, the importance of staying on top of any possible plumbing issues is a must. Still, when the weather turns, it’s even more important, especially heavy rain, which can affect your plumbing adversely.
Prevention is better than a problem down the line, so having an experienced Bosman plumber in your back pocket this winter is part of the must-have trend.
During winter, there can be many issues that could arise and here are a few to keep in mind.
Water pressure on pipes, though durable, adverse weather affects all plumbing systems. Heavy waterfall saturates, leaving heavy mud and shifting ground around your pipes. The soil is heavier as it is saturated with canter and can increase the external pressure on your piping.
Shifts in underground pipes are more prominent during heavy rain, and Shifting can cause the pipes to be moved and bent into positions that can cause ruptures.
If the pipes have leaks due to heavy rains, the ruptures can allow debris to enter the lines causing blockage and bends in pipes. Tree roots grow and expand during heavy rainfall and can shift with the mud sludge and cause additional blockage and ruptures.
Flooding is a severe problem but avoidable.
Call Bosman Plumbing for an immediate call-out should you suspect any blockage, backup, or broken pipes in your system. Even better, catching any problems early would avoid more significant issues. As industry experts with over 25 years of experience Bosman Plumbing is there to assist our clients with guidance, value added resources and extraordinary service. Give our team a call today should you need assistance in any prewinter checks or repairs.