As a parent, nothing shouts autumn-like Winter school uniforms, complaints about how it’s still night-time outside and school request for fallen leaves. Our little artist proudly displays their leaf chickens and brown-toned squiggles. As the season changes and our toes start curling on the cold bathroom floor, we prepare for all things frosty and wet.
With Cape Town expecting a decent winter rainfall this year, it might be a good time to consider a rainwater catchment container. If you have a catchment container installed, have you checked its health, microbe build up in your empty tank or looked at its fixtures and fitting? Make sure all points are open and still structurally sound.
How about that short winter checklist? It should be ingrained like the song; gutters and pipes and storm drain clogs, firewood and hot chocolate too.
As winter approaches, it’s time to check those exterior drains, pipes and gutters and even have a quick walk around checking local storm drains. A quick call or email to your local municipality will help them assess and clear external storm drains in your area, not just helping you but your neighbours and community.

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