In our previous blog, “Scrubbing your scrubbers”Bosman Plumbing took an in-depth look into our workhorse scrubbers and gave us some helpful hints on how to clean and maintain them. In the past month, we have descaled, decluttered, and washed the winter critters away. With summer around the corner and the last few months of the year rushing to the finish line, we, too, race to the end of the year. We re-look at the home resolutions we came up with at the beginning of the year and planned our last few activities in the time we had left.
It’s important to remember that major appliances add value to your homes and proper installation is as important as maintenance. With that said, Bosman Plumbing spring ‘Exploring Home Resolutions for 2021 series’ continues with major and minor installations of those items we might have overlooked.
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