In our previous blog, “What’s that white stuff on my tap? Bosman Plumbing shared four helpful hints on banning the calcium scale in our spring ‘Exploring Home Resolutions for 2021 series’. With our faucets looking sparkly and new, we move onto our cleaning masters at home. Many happy Bosman Plumbing clients have had their trusty workhorses installed by us and have frequently asked about the cleaning and maintenance of our home dishwashers and washing machines.
Though scrubbing your scrubbers might sound a little crazy and over the top, there are many benefits to cleaning your cleaning stuff regularly.
Annual maintenance for all items using water and producing wastewater is a necessity. They do all the heavy lifting for us, keeping our homes grime free. Over time our cleaning equipment can also become grubby and clogged with dirt and grime.
Though it’s always important to read and implement your manufacturer’s guidelines in maintenance, Bosman Plumbing has put together a quick guide in cleaning your washing machine and dishwasher, keeping them well maintained and germ-free.
Did you know the funky smell from your dishwasher is not normal? Food waste can clog up in the machine’s water system, not just within the device but also in its outlet. Always scrape food remnants and rinse your dishes before loading them. A frequent quick inspection of the filter and outgoing pipes will add years to the life of your trusty dishwasher, keeping it running in tip-top condition.
A dishwasher can be sanitized inside and out with simple white vinegar. Once a month, pour it into the bottom of the machine and the soap dispenser, running an empty machine through the hottest cleaning cycle or setting. Finally, wipe the exterior, interior door and clean all trays and racks using a soft cloth soaked in vinegar.
Our washing machine is one of the more essential household items in our homes. Did you know it’s also the ideal breeding ground for mould and mildew that leads to smelly and unhygienic clothing?
A regular clean every four to eight weeks is recommended to keep your washing machine in great shape and cleaning effectively. To prevent mould growth, keep the door or lid of your washing machine slightly open in-between uses.
Deep cleaning can be done by filling the laundry detergent drawer with one cup of bleach or 2 cups of vinegar and running it on the hottest cycle. The dispenser drawer can be removed and placed in a sink of hot water and bleach to soak, scrub with a toothbrush if things have gotten dire, and dry thoroughly before replacing it correctly. Though the top and front loader is similar in terms of mechanics, remember to check the rubber seal around the door of a front loader. It acts as a collection point for grime and mould. Mould killer can be used if it is awful, or a vinegar and baking soda paste with hot water if it all looks relatively normal. Take your time and explore all the germs hiding places. Lastly, take out the filter, giving it a thorough wash before drying and replacing.
Did you know Bosman Plumbing can assist you with any new dishwasher and washing machine installation?
Your trusty scrubber workhorse will be with you for years and years. Contact one of our amazing plumbers for your next scrubber workhorse installation.