In our previous blog, “Spluttering and sandy bottoms, Bosman plumbing gave us a quick checklist on what to do in a water cut emergency and who and when to call to have it all checked out.
When dealing with geysers or other hot water appliances, it is always a good idea to have these looked at and maintained every year.
Thermostat and element damage are the most common causes for the lack of hot water in a home. These components of a geyser are easily repaired or replaced, and the best part is that it does not require the removal of the geyser. It’s helpful to know the make and model of your current hot water system; this will save time in repairs and preparing plumbing service for the call out. However, the geyser will still need to be drained to replace an element and assess the system’s health.
Always keep an eye, and ear out for any unfamiliar sounds or unusual dripping from overflow or pan. If a geyser fails, know where the water shut off valves are and disconnect the mains, water, and power.
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