In our previous blog, “Dribbling hoses and stinky toes, we had a quick chat about water pressure, interrupted water due to a water pipe burst and who to call to have it all checked out. Though water cuts are few and far between, they can disrupt a household like no other.
Most households should have some emergency kit to hold them over. Remember to keep a little stash of fresh water for each family member, including any pets and livestock you might have.
The aftermath can be just as frustrating. Low pressure and gurgling pipes, block faucets and even sandy residue leaking through the pipes. Bosman Plumbing has provided us with a few culprits, but before you start running around like a headless chicken, contact your neighbour or consult your local informative council group. There might be an outage or unplanned maintenance.
Once the water cut is over and the maintenance is complete, do a quick check. Open all the cold taps within your home and have them run for about 2 minutes, or until they run clear. The same can then be done with hot water taps until the hot water is warm and has come to temperature. As these turn on a closed system, we always run the cold water first to flush the system.
Let them run for a little longer for spluttering or spitting taps until the air pockets have passed. As we have previously explained, filtered faucets and heads can be cleaned and rinsed.
If your water pressure is still affected, call Bosman Plumbing. Bosman Plumbing has a dedicated 24-hour emergency service team ready for all emergency sanitary services.
As industry experts with over 25 years of experience, Bosman Plumbing provides you with the necessary tools and guidance.
Bosman Plumbing has the tools and expertise to help you with all your emergency needs. Please speak to one of our consultants today to equip your home for your emergency water needs.
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