In our previous blog, Oops, I did it again, DIY. Bosman Plumbing provided us with our very own emergency go-to tool kit list. But with every tool kit comes great responsibility. Now that we have the right tools, we can explore a new gunky spill-proof world of DIY and how you can accomplish it with guidance from Bosman plumbing’s exceptional team.
In the dead of night, a phantom flushes the toilet, and unlike the expected glugging and normal swooshing, bubbles start accumulating, and a tide rises and rises until the echoes of a very un-ladylike scream through the night, and a river of gunky water starts spilling from the bathroom.
Tool kit in hand, our resident DIY donned in sleepy wear assesses the gruelling task of dealing with an overflowing toilet and asks the world, “what now?”
It’s a mess and a gross situation to clean up. Fixing the toilet and unclogging it is only half the job.
  1. Don’t panic and be proactive. Drop a few old towels, an old blanket or rags in the area to catch as much of the ‘black water’ as possible. Blackwater is sewerage and should be dealt with accordingly. If you have then, use some rubber or latex gloves.
  2. Turning off the water supply is our most significant step, earlier this year, we had our home inspection and should know exactly where to find the shut-off valve near the base of the toilet or the main water valve for your home. If all else fails, remove the toilet lid and manually stop the water flow by lifting the float ball high enough to stop the water from running; place a tool or a plunger in the space to keep the float ball up.
  3. Do not flush and keep flushing; this will add more water to clean up later.
  4. Once the overflow has stopped, you can assess what you are dealing with. It might be as simple as something clogging the pipe. In rural areas or off-grid homes, septic tanks are used, and these can back up. A professional team will be needed to address the issue.
  5. With manual force, using a plunger or wire, remove the clogging if it can be seen or felt. If the left-over water starts draining, you’re gold.
  6. In the aftermath of the overflowing toilet, don’t let it sit; start the rest of the clean-up as soon as possible. Blackwater is mixed with raw sewage; we don’t want to be exposed to its wide range of bacteria and viruses that can cause typhoid, hepatitis, and cholera. Use gloves if you have them and diluted bleach to clean up. Don’t forget to wash your hands and any items that came in contact with the sludge with warm soapy water.

If your toilet keeps overflowing or the problem persists, call Bosman Plumbing immediately. Our dedicated team has 24-hour emergency service in all areas.

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