At the start of the year, when we explored Bosman plumbing’s first concept blog, New year, new you. The beginning of winter brings us halfway into our new resolutions for our home and, with that, a new checklist for us to explore.
The year has sped by, and we have all had evenings of frosty toes. In the following weeks, Bosman Plumbing suggested a short winter checklist. As winter approaches, pipes, gutters, and outlying storm drain clog with autumn debris, and as part of our checklist, a quick inspection of these areas is a must.
Keep exteriors drains free from debris by installing leaf catchers on outgoing, open pipes and gutters, as well as review your external storm drains for build-up. A quick call or email to your local municipality will help them assess and clear outer storm drains in your area, not just helping you but your neighbours and community as well.
With Cape Town expecting decent winter rainfall this year, it might be a good time to consider a rainwater catchment container. If you have a catchment container installed, have you checked its health, microbe build up in your empty tank or looked at its fixtures and fitting? Make sure all points are open and still structurally sound.
As industry experts with over 25 years of experience, Bosman Plumbing is there to assist our clients with guidance, value-added resources and extraordinary service. Give our team a call today should you need any pre-winter repairs done.
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