In our previous blog, Rules, compliance, and certificates, Bosman plumbing ventured out into the abyss of our homes and helped assess our current system. With regular compliance, your sanitary system should be in tip-top shape. But as they say, life rarely gives us lemonade.
When that lemon comes scampering into our lives at the most unexpected time, it’s best to have a backup plan and then some. Life’s little lemons just turned a bit sweeter with a plumbing specialist in your back pocket and our handy plumbing emergency kit listed below.
– A five-litre bucket doubles up as a handy tool holder that catches swooshing leaks mid-project.
– A regular and heavy-duty plunger. Each plunger works on its own, but sometimes we just need more unclogging power.
– Wrenches in various sizes, standard joint pliers and last but not least, an adjustable wrench.
– A small handle screwdriver set – one of those multipurpose sets with interchangeable heads.
– A key holder with mixed sized Allen keys.
– A roll or two of Duct tape and some plumbing or Teflon tape for emergencies.
– A small selection of caps and valves for standard fittings.
– Flashlight for those hard-to-reach areas and an old towel or rag to clean up little drips and leaks.
As industry experts with over 25 years of experience, Bosman Plumbing provides you with the necessary tools and guidance.

Bosman Plumbing has the tools and expertise to help you with your emergency needs. Please speak to one of our consultants today to equip your home for your emergency water needs.