Installing a new fridge may not seem like a very difficult process but it is very physically demanding and there are some tricky parts that must be set up at the installation point for your fridge to be fully functioning. Here are some things to consider before deciding which refrigerator to purchase.

What’s in the box?

While this may seem obvious, your new refrigerator will come in a refrigerator sized box with a refrigerator’s amount of protective packaging. You will need to have a way to recycle or dispose of the box and all of the packaging.

Plan your route

Make sure to plan out the best moving route for your fridge. Measure the fridge and the doorways it will need to fit through on its way to its new home, often new buyers measure the space where the fridge is going to go and forget that it also needs to get there. It is also recommended that you use a dolly to move your fridge as it will be far safer and more efficient for both you and your fridge, so remember to account for any additional space that the dolly may require

Check your space

Check the space your fridge is going into, not only that it will fit but also that there is enough space for ventilation as recommended and that there is space for all of the cables and pipes to fit without being caught when you slide the fridge into place.

Read the manual

You can download and research most new refrigerator manuals online. Read through it to see which parts are loose and can be removed – you may need to remove the doors of the refrigerator to get it to fit through doorways and these often require a particular order or special knack on how they come off safely.

Removing other loose components such as shelves and drawers will also make the fridge lighter when it is being carried.

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