The entire flushing process of the toilet begins with the handle. When you push down on the handle or push the toilet flush button on your toilet, it makes the trip lever inside the toilet tank rise.

The opposite end of the trip lever is attached to a chain that then rises and lifts the toilet flapper (or tank ball) from its seat, allowing water from the tank to flow into the toilet bowl. As the tank empties the toilet flapper drops back into its place stopping the flow of water again.

If your toilet handle becomes loose or floppy, or does not move back into its original position after a flush, it is likely that the trip lever arm has broken and there is nothing to lift up the toilet chain when you push on the toilet handle any more. Sometimes the trip lever arm becomes corroded or rusted to the point of breaking, especially for those who live in areas with hard water, and it is time to get in touch with your plumber and have it replaced.

If you need to hold down the handle of the toilet to get it to flush, that is usually caused by a flapper that is not totally lifting away from the flush valve.

If your toilet continues to run after you have flushed, it is most likely due to the flapper not fitting properly into the flush valve opening.

You should be able to identify this problem if you look closely at the flapper while the toilet is running. As the water keeps leaking down through the flush valve into the toilet bowl, the water level in the tank never rises high enough to shut off the water flow and it is time to get in touch with your plumber to have the tank ball/toilet flapper replaced and stop the leaking.

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