Do you want to save water as much as possible? Yes? We do too. Let Bosman Plumbing help you save Cape Towns precious water that so many people waste. Let us not be part of the problem but rather part of the solution to preserving and recycling water.

There are a few ways we can help save water and in turn, save this beautiful planet.

Grey Water Systems – These are used to recycle your shower or rinse water from your laundry into a storage tank. The water can then be used to water your grass and flowers, keeping them beautifully green. Or you can use the recycled water to flush your toilets. Of course, bear in mind that any water used to water your garden with should be free of any harmful chemicals.

Rainwater Tanks and harvesting – Also known as JoJo tanks. These can be used to collect and store any water from your roof via the gutters around your house, especially when it rains. All water can be safely stored until needed, and a water pump can be connected to the tanks to be switched on for garden use when required. We can also combine these water tanks to your toilet’s plumbing to be used for flushing.

Saving all-natural water as much as possible is a huge help and bonus to the earth and your water bill.

Contact us to chat about what is best for you and your pocket.

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