Without question, the kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your home. It is where we spend a significant amount of time as we plan and prepare everything that we eat and drink throughout the day.

The kitchen often plays a big role in deciding whether or not to purchase a home and for a lot of buyers it can be a deal breaker if a kitchen has not been well-designed and will require a further investment in the future. Keep this in mind when planning your renovations, make sure to chat to the experts for their recommendations – and the value of your property could be significantly increased with a few simple changes.

Take a look at these tips to get you started with your Kitchen renovation:

  1. Cabinets

Although you might not think so, kitchen cabinets can actually make a big impression. To make a small kitchen appear larger you can choose white cabinets or plain wood cabinets. Adding a kitchen island gives you an extra worktop area, additional storage and it can be used as an informal seating area. By taking bulky cabinets off the walls and having storage in the island instead, you can open up the room even more while still maintaining the appearance of a separate area.

  1. Be creative with your storage

You can never have too much kitchen storage, so get creative with all of the space available. Adding options such as kitchen islands, hanging storage, baskets and corner shelves can help to maximise storage in all of those weird little nooks and crannies that you find in a kitchen.

If you are putting in new cabinets, make the most of the space and extend them all the way to the ceiling. You can stash special-occasion serving platters and even extra pantry supplies that you don’t need regularly in the top cupboards and free up space elsewhere. If you are keeping the cabinets you have and you have open space between the tops of the cabinets and the ceilings, consider using some pretty baskets in that space. Baskets will give you the option to easily lift down and access the storage while still keeping things looking neat and tidy.

  1. Find a place for everything.

Kitchen renovations are the ideal time to take a look at your specific needs and design a kitchen that functions perfectly for you and your family. Everything in your kitchen should be designed with a purpose in mind and everything should have a designated space. If not, it isn’t necessary for it to be there. Your kitchen will remain uncluttered and aesthetically beautiful if everything has a place and is kept there.

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