In our previous blog, That damn checklist and nagging partners [SN1], we explored Bosman plumbing suggested annual water and sanitation fixtures checklist. We have crawled around in the roof. Found a new roof pet and discovered a silver spoon in the drain. What now?
2020 has seen the lowest interest rates for homeowners in years and now is the time to add stability and investment to your future. Unfortunately, home renovation can be scary without a helping hand. The unknown keeps us up at night as we walk over the rubble of our demolished past kitchen or bathrooms.
As industry experts with over 25 years of experience, Bosman Plumbing understands this scary world and assist our clients with guidance, value-added resources and extraordinary service.
Whether you want simple or elaborate, the functionality should be at the heart of your remodel. Bosman Plumbing helps you navigate plumbing needs, lighting, and cabinetry. We assist with that age-old question shower or tub. To hang or not to hand that toilet. Questions about greywater usage and redistribution, to not only save water in your home but benefits the environment, saving you a great deal of money and buffering your savings for the future.
Call one of our dedicated team members at Bosman plumbing for your very own helping hand.
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