Hot cross buns, Easter egg hunts, and long weekends with family and friends seem like an eternity ago. Every day life returns, and with that last little sneaky hidden caramel filled egg we set aside, our Easter mini-holiday is over, and it’s time to get down and dirty with the little things in life, those annoying chores, checks and adulting.
As autumn approaches and the windy Cape sets off another car alarm in the middle of the night, John, Harry, and Sally start gearing up for the fantastic runaway leaf race. Ladders secured, leaf blowers at the ready, we set out on our annual “pick them up” and compost.
As winter approaches, pipes, gutters, and outlying storm drain clog with autumn debris. Keep exterior drains free from waste by installing leaf catchers on out-going open pipes and gutters, as well as review your external storm drains for build-up. A quick call or email to your local municipality will help them assess, and clear exterior storm drains in your area, not just helping you but your neighbours and community.
Don’t forget our handy plumbing heroes.

As industry experts with over 25 years of experience Bosman Plumbing is there to assist our clients with guidance, value added resources and extraordinary service. Give our team a call today should you need any pre-winter repairs done.