Putting some thought into the layout and functionality of the bathroom before a renovation can be a game changer and save you and your family extra work in the future as your needs change.


Here are some things to consider for your bathroom renovation:


Should you banish the bath?

Huge, walk-in tiled showers are a big trend at the moment and many people are considering taking out their bath tubs to replace them with large showers. Consider what this could mean should you decide to sell in the future – you may not enjoy baths, but bath tubs are an invaluable asset for families with small children and even pet owners.


You can never have too much storage!

When multiple people are sharing a bathroom, there is no such thing as too much storage! Not only will it provide plenty of room to store your essentials, it will also make it so much easier to keep the bathroom neat and tidy. Alongside the usual storage areas such as the medicine cabinet and under counter cabinets, you can consider adding in your own custom storage in areas that are unique to your bathroom. Do you have high ceilings? Add a storage shelf above the door. Use the space above and around the toilet for more shelving and storage.


Keep it simple – and easy to clean!

Be careful to avoid elements that may seem super stylish and catch your eye in the showroom. These shiny chrome fixtures and mirror finishes may be beautiful, but remember surfaces like these will quickly and easily accumulate lots of fingerprints. Beautiful small mosaic tiles or very textured tiles will mean more grout lines to scrub and keep clean, and a lot of accumulated dust and grime in all of the little nooks and crannies of the tiles.

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There are so many options and no one is more familiar with bathrooms than your plumber so be sure to ask for their advice and expertise in bathroom renovations.


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