In our previous blog, Greywater, The good, the bad and the ugly, we explored numerous pros and cons with regards to its retention and used in our home as well as greywater saving devices and sanitary systems.
We all had a good giggle at Harry and his misguided toddler attitude of “I can do it myself” and his wife’s smelly prize roses. We will be taking an in-depth look at what the DIY in you can accomplish with the right tools and the proper guidance from Bosman Plumbing Services and Renovations exceptional team for April.
We all have those moments in life where the DIY itch becomes a manic disorder, and anything and everything shouts FIX ME FIX ME! In those times, we gather up our little tool kits or the scary metal claw thingies from the storage drawer and set out on a journey in said area in the house that needs a little TLC.
Scary slaw thingies in hand, we tug and turn and hammer and then, with a big swoosh, cover the kitchen with an interesting array of bacterial invested water and a missing sock. Yes, the DIY in you unclogged the washing machine’s pipe, but in all helpful manner, the line spewing gunk is now broken and on its way to the bin. One call later, and our magic fairy godmother sends an exceptional plumber with his unique toolbox who wrestles with a claw thingy just like yours and fixes the sad-looking pipe in its correct place.
Before our Bosman plumber runs off to his next assignment, he hands us a little list – on it, our very own emergency go-to tool kit list.
Plumber’s Emergency Kit
  • A five-litre bucket doubles up as a handy tool holder that catches swooshing leaks mid-project.
  • A regular and heavy-duty plunger. Each plunger works on its own, but sometimes we need a little bit more unclogging power.
  • Wrenches in various sizes, a standard joint pliers and last but not least an adjustable wrench.
  • A small handle screwdriver set – one of those multipurpose sets with interchangeable heads.
  • A key holder with mixed sized Allen keys.
  • A roll or two of Duct tape as well as some plumbing or Teflon tape for emergencies.
  • A small selection of caps and valves for standard fittings.
  • Flashlight for those hard-to-reach areas and an old towel or rag to clean up little drips and leaks.
As industry experts with over 25 years of experience Bosman Plumbing provides you with tools and guidance you need.
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