In our previous blog, Baby, it’s cold in the shower, we explored Bosman Plumbing, “welcome to winter” geyser checklist. As our pre-winter inventory continues, we have looked at drains and geysers. But what next, indeed, we should be done by now?
Yes and no. 
During winter, many of our clients notice a build-up of mould and mildew in their bathrooms and showers.
Mould and mildew do share many similarities, from food, warmth, and moisture to grow and thrive in and the fact that they can pop up within 24 to 48 hours.
You can identify mould and mildew by a musty smell, visible mould growth, stains or discolouration, small leaks, and condensation. During winter, we sometimes have an increase in humidity, a decrease in ventilation, and noticeable condensation. These factors all contribute to additional growth and can be easily remedied.
Mould and mildew can affect our health and that of our family. With the following steps from Bosman Plumbing help, it is possible to evict these offenders during winter.
1. After taking a nice hot bath, using your kettle or stove, condensation appears on nonporous surfaces. Heat and moisture create the perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew. Open a window or use your bathroom fan for 20-30 minutes after, replacing hot and humid with cold fresh air to decrease humidity.
2. Keep an eye out for leaks from pipes and cutters and have them repaired as soon as possible.
3. An excellent way to prevent mould and mildew is to keep dry things dry. Regularly check and clean condensation on windows and tiles. Check behind your washing machine and dryer. And make sure they are professionally installed and ventilated.
4. Maintain Your Gutters- been there, done that and keep checking during winter. Fungi though delicious, should not be growing inside your home or gutters.
5. If you have a ceiling fan, consider rotating them clockwise to pull up cold and push down warmed air. It will help keep your house warm, reduce heating cost, and reduce humidity, creating more airflow.
6. Always consider good air quality and airflow. Try keeping interior doors open in your home, and remember to open windows regularly. As the temperature drops, we tend to close doors and windows without thinking how much moisture the air around us carries.
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