In our previous blog, with a great tool kit comes great responsibility. Bosman plumbing guided us through a nasty spill. Unclogging the toilet like a pro has left up with a DIY buzz, and our next project seems rosy compared to the eww eau de toilette we just fixed.
No clog is ever the same, and with that, the buzz kill to our DIY adventure. Some plumbing repairs are minor and, yes, can even be taken on yourself. However, if your septic tank or sewerage pipes are damaged or faulty, assessing it and repairing it yourself is not an option.
Many factors can cause failure in your system. Excessive water use, accumulation of solid waste at the bottom of a septic system of non-recommended chemicals all play a factor.
Left unaddressed, these issues can cause a backup in your system, leading to damaging pipes or overflowing toilets.
Some signs to watch out for are greener than regular patches of grass. It may indicate a leaking drain in the area. Sewerage and black water can act as a fertilizer, and the extra nutrients will allow your grass to grow bright and green in certain spots. Look out for unexplained wet, black or slimy areas.
A slow or gurgling noise coming from your toilet or outdoor drain could indicate further clogging or damage to the drains themselves. A robust foul odour from clean drains can be an indication as well.
If you have noticed any of the issues mentioned above, do not try and DIY it yourself as industry experts with over 25 years of experience, Bosman Plumbing will assist in the assessment and professional repairs you need.
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