The new year is a time for goal setting, reimagining ourselves and the future. What the future can hold and how we would like to live in it. These goals can range from eating more greens, skipping that extra cup of coffee in the morning, though that might create a whole new problem, to renovating the kitchen of your new home. There is no limit to your future, only the limits we place there.
Do you dream of that long-desired chef’s kitchen or the ultimate bathroom sanctuary? That little extra space in your workspace needing an outdoor drainage system for those future fish you will catch.
Are you applying for a pre-compliance certificate for your dream home? Perhaps your goals include giving back to your community or living a cleaner life, implementing greywater systems, and reducing your carbon footprint. Why not have a home resolution to your list this year?
For February, we will be exploring Home Resolutions for 2021, from making a list and keeping it in a visible place, to assessing how to accomplish these goals with the help of Bosman plumbing.
Your journey is our journey.
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