In our previous blog, Winter is coming; we explored Bosman Plumbing pre-winter checklist. All things warm and fuzzy have been moved from the back of the closet, and dry gum logs have been delivered by the truckload for the hearth. Mid-year has finally arrived, and the winter checklist finally completed. We gather the family, eat warm, nourishing soups and stews and nest.
With outdoor playtime reduced to almost zero, our resident toddler has found his little voice, its appearance unavertable, wherein the official stage of why and how and where.
Little Harry has just used the big boy toilet for the first time. Yay, Harry, but then the question all parents fear. Where does the poop go? To the magic poop farm? Into the ocean for the fishes to build their castles? Or, I do not know.
Our resident DIY expert takes little Harry on a special treasure hunt to Bosman Plumbing. There, one of the experts can draw little Harry a special treasure map and show him where it all goes.
The toilet flushes the waste down, and the sewer pipe from your house collects and removes other wastes from soapy water from baths and showers to water from washing dishes and clothes. Together, all these wastes are called “sewage”.
Water leaving our homes generally goes into a septic tank in the backyard, where it seeps back into the ground or is sent to a wastewater treatment plant through a sewer system.
All the waste accumulates in the city’s pipes, and after a few hours of separating, the top is skimmed off and processed into new reusable water, and the left-over sludge is processed in stages. Some cities process it into fertilizer for farmers to use; others incinerated or discarded it into waste landfills.
It is important to explain this process to Little Harry as we do need to know where our water comes from and how it’s used.
It’s also important to know that not everything is flushable down the toilet, and our little sister’s favourite stuffed toy cannot go to the magic poop farm.
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