Winter has well and truly arrived and there is nothing worse than stripping off your clothes to get into the bath or shower in a cold bathroom! Brrr!

Here are some ideas for keeping your bathroom warm this winter:

Check the Windows
Check your windows and make sure that they seal properly. The frame shouldn’t have any holes, cracks or gaps which will let heat escape and allow cold to get in from outside. This is a relatively quick and cheap fix and will make all the difference to the temperature of your bathroom in winter. Instead of leaving windows open, fit an extractor fan in your bathroom to prevent a build-up of condensation whenever you’re running hot water.

Heated Towel Rails
Heated Towel Rails are a cost-effective and modern way of increasing the temperature in your bathroom while also providing the luxuriousness of a lovely warm towel.

Underfloor Heating
Freezing cold floor tiles? No, thank you! Underfloor heating not only takes the chill off of the floor, but as heat rises it will keep the entire bathroom warmed up too. And even better, you can install a timer so the floors are already turned on and ready for you whenever you need them. No more cold tiled bathroom floors making you dread getting up and out of bed in the morning – underfloor bathroom heating is a great investment and one that you certainly won’t regret.

Bathroom Mats
If under-floor heating isn’t for you, bathroom mats are a very easy solution to prevent cold feet. The thicker the mats, the better they’ll be and you’ll easily be able to find some that match your bathroom’s decor and colour scheme.

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