Picture the scene – you are just about to brush your teeth and as you turn on the tap a stream of brown, cloudy water runs out. Gross! Dirty water may not always be harmful but it can be disturbing and it is definitely something to have checked out immediately.


If you have brown water coming out of your taps it could be due to corroded pipes, mineral build up or maintenance operations on the main lines.


Tap water looks rusty brown, yellowish, or reddish when it contains an excess of sediment or minerals.

The most common discolouring minerals present in water are iron and manganese. While these minerals aren’t typically harmful to humans, manganese and iron in water may mean that your tap water smells bad or tastes funny. A plumber can test the water quality in your home to make sure nothing else is going on.


If all of your water (hot and cold) suddenly goes brown:

Sudden change from clear to rusty water could be the result of nearby utility maintenance or a break in a city-operated water main or fire hydrant. Or your geyser or your water supply pipes may have become rusty or corroded, and that brown water from your tap is the beginning sign of those changes.


If only your hot water is discoloured:

Sediment or rust may have built up in your geyser. Your plumber can trace the reason for this.


If you get brown water from your cold tap and only from certain taps:

The problem is probably with a particular water supply pipe. Home plumbing clogs and corrodes over time, especial if your water has a high mineral content.


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