An estimated 10% of homes have an undetected leak that can lose thousands of litres of water over time. A dripping tap can waste as much as 24 000 litres of clean drinking water in one year!

Nobody wants to be wasting water or money through their water fittings or have to deal with the huge costs of repairs for damage caused by a leak on your property. Early detection of a water leak can save you a lot of money and avert a potential disaster.

Here are some signs to look out for that could indicate you have a leak:

Monitor your usage and your monthly water bill
Keep an eye on the amount of water that your household typically uses each month for any signs of a sudden increase in consumption that can’t be explained. If your water bill suddenly starts to rise but your water usage habits have not changed, it could indicate that you have an undetected leak.

Use your water meter to test
Turn off all of the water in your home, making sure that all taps are turned off and no appliances that use water are running. Check your water meter and see if it is still changing, this could indicate a fast-moving leak. If it doesn’t change immediately, but you still suspect there may be a leak, leave everything turned off over an hour or two and monitor the meter again. If it has changed despite all the water being off, you may be dealing with a slower leak. The leak could be anywhere after the meter, or even underground. Remember that all piping after the meter is a homeowner’s responsibility.

Use food colouring
Toilets can be a source of a leak that often goes undetected and they account for approximately 30% of the water use in a home! A simple way to test if your toilet is leaking is to add some drops of food colouring to the toilet tank. Wait for a few minutes and observe, if any colour shows up in your toilet bowl then you have a leak that is allowing fresh water to drain constantly.

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