In our previous blog, we introduced our very first Bosman plumbing concept blog; New year, new you[SN1].  During the next few weeks, we will be exploring these goals, teasing out the wants from the needs and guiding Bosman Plumbing clients in the right direction whether those goals include expert advice from our wealth of information and 25 years of experience in the industry, to the late-night call-outs for an emergency.
Our first step in this journey is water and sanitation compliance. In years past, general water and sanitation certificates were excluded from the regulatory Beatles, bugs, and electricity certificates. A recent client found herself in a pickle as her home was not compliant with the general inspection done post-sale of her property. A general inspection left her with a hefty bill addressing the non-compliant fixtures. These surprise issues could have been addressed with a simple walkthrough and inspection as well as general maintenance.
We all service our cars, maintain our health with regular medical visits, why not our sanitation fixture in our homes.
When last did you check for leaky taps, dribbling toilets or your geysers heath and thermostats setting? Having water leaks and a poorly installed geyser can cost you much more over the long run.
Bosman plumbing suggests a general check of all water and sanitation fixtures annually. Our dedicated team and compliance officers are just a call away.
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