In October Bosman Plumbing will share an in-depth look into different appliance installations. From choosing a location, utilizing existing fittings and complex re-installs, even how to create a space where there previously was none.
First, we look at the dishwasher, which we can all agree on, as a great labour-saving device; not only does it save time cleaning up in the kitchen, but it is also a very water and energy-efficient way to do the dishes.
As with installing any appliance, we have a few things we should keep in mind to ensure all goes smoothly.
Have you measured up correctly, and does your new dishwasher fit? Is all the infrastructure you need, as power, water, drainage, in good working order? Do we have all the tools and supplies on hand, screwdriver and a driver drill, a drop sheet, bucket, and mop for all the messy bits, a little plumbing tape just in case?
Yes, yes and yes, then hurry up and install that bad boy. The dishes aren’t going to wash themselves.
1. Turn off the water, disconnect the power and let the inlet/outlet drain the remaining water. That nifty drop sheet comes in handy to collect the minor spills. Disconnected piping, and use the bucket for any overflow.
2. If your dishwasher is bolted to the wall, countertop or cabinets, unscrew all the bits and bobs, then gently slide the old dishwasher out, making space for the new one.
3. Inspect the cabinetry and outlets for damage. If need be, have any repairs done before installing the new one
4. For the fun part, unpack the new dishwasher, read the new manual, and check for any special instructions for installation.
5. Refit the power outlet, drainage pipes and inlets; make sure to use the new handy U-bend that’s supplied with the dishwasher.
6. Lastly, clamp the hose down and refit the screws and bolts, if necessary, then move into place. Remember to level if needed.
Though relatively simple, replacing a major appliance can be daunting; why not give Bosman Plumbing a call to assist you.
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