Bosman Plumbing knows that when the wind starts blowing and noses start itching, Spring is in the air, and our annual spring-cleaning endeavours are about to begin.
Most of our clients end their winter hibernation with a good old clean, clothes are sorted, and floors are scrubbed, those scary little corners in the home that housed our winter critters are dusted and even a little purging and donating happens around this time of year.
With the season in mind, Bosman Plumbing brings us another handy list in our ‘Exploring Home Resolutions for 2021 series’.
For September, we will be bringing you several tips for Spring cleaning, from gutter cleaning, descaling the nasties around your taps and even a comprehensive lesson or two that will assist you in maintaining your cleaning assets. No, not your partner in crime, although they could use a little mowing and freshen up. Our trusty washing machines and dishwashers will be highlighted with a “how to clean and maintain” and how to keep your home’s plumbing fixtures in tip-top shape. With Bosman Plumbing at your side, Spring has never looked as bright.

As industry experts with over 25 years of experience Bosman Plumbing is there to assist our clients with guidance, value added resources and extraordinary service. Give our team a call today should you need any post-winter repairs done.