In our previous blog, “The future of clean water and sanitation”, Bosman Plumbing gave us a glimpse of our future. How urbanization will affect our ability to “produce” clean drinking and “fit for use” water and sanitation access.
With the Tokyo Olympics in full swing, we have been privy to an inside look at the future of “Zero-Carbon” and the United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) addressing such issues as climate change, as well as sustainable consumption and production, calls for the maximum use of renewable energy sources during the games.
With a lofty goal of “zero wasting,” the organizers aim to achieve 99 percent reuse or recycling across all procured items, goods and delivery, to minimize resource waste and degradation of ecosystems.
Did you know that approximately 5,000 medals will be awarded at the games? Those medals have been forged from precious recycled metals recovered from used smartphones, digital cameras, computers, and other small electronic devices handed in by consumers for that purpose.
With all eyes on Tokyo, we share in their journey, learn from their experience and cheer on all participating athletes making history during this Global pandemic.
South Africa will have 185 athletes, making it the largest contingent the country has ever sent to the Olympics, with South Africa competing in 17 of the 33 Olympic sports on offer.
Though too many to name individually, Bosman Plumbing wishes each athlete ‘good luck’ with their tourney and a safe and healthy return.
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