In our previous blog, winter is coming; we explored Bosman Plumbing pre-winter checklist. Ladders have been pulled, gutters secured, and our external drains checked for bits of autumn debris that might clog all that wonderful rain. As part of our checklist, we continue through the home and hunker down the hatches and hoard the hot chocolate.
Unfortunately, nothing says “welcome to winter” more than a cold shower in the winter and with that, our geyser maintenance and health checklist continue.
  1. Modern geyser units heat water much faster than older models. During summer, units can be turned off to save costs on electricity. Unfortunately, this cost-saving measure during winter can place strain on the system and to avoid complete cooling down, a geyser blanket can be installed on newer and old models. If your system is without one, consider installing it.
  2. Did you know with proper insulation you can lower the temperature of your geyser and save on electricity? Water in a lower temp setting will heat faster, and the geyser will have to work less to output more heat: less power usage, less money on electricity.
  3. If you have a larger unit, the tank’s corrosion can take place, and the rod inside should be replaced every few years. It’s best to have this checked every few years by a specialist. Just add it to your checklist, like going to the dentist but less painful.
  4. Check the pressure valve and make sure there are no leaks.
  5. Inspect the power sockets and plugs for burn marks. Shorts and power surges can cause those.
Replacing an older unit with a more cost-effective geyser should be considered when there are plenty of signs of corrosion in your current system; newer material holds up better than older ones and outweighs the initial cost when the damages to a faulty or blown geyser can rise exponentially.
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